New Gun Sounds

Gun sounds game is very simple, just choose sound which you want to play and shoot. This game includes various guns sounds so here you will find collection of all popular guns. Our collection have M4A1, Scar H, Tar 21, Fal, M16a4, ACR, F2000, Shotgun, AK-47, Famas, Min Uzi, P90, Vector, Ump5k, Mp5k, L86 Lws, RPD, MG4, also there are several sounds of Aug Hbar, M240, Barrett 50 Cal, Wa 2000, M14/M21, AA 12. these are current popular guns and sounds in app market, so don't wait download our sounds game now. In game you can do everything reload, shot (open fire) with your favorite guns. This is very realistic, high resolution weapons sounds including handguns, sniper rifles, assault rifles, shotguns, machine guns. Weapons Shooting Game Features: The largest library available with 8 guns only a tap away. Detailed High-Resolution Graphics. High resolution gun sounds. Large collection includes: M4A1, Shotgun, AK-47, Min Uzi, Colt. Good for prank. Here are an unlimited AmmoThis app you can download from play store for free, enjoy the advanced warfare gun sounds in one place. Real gun sounds help you learn how they sound even use them for prank family friends, dogs, cats others animals. This app toy is safe toy app for children, they can freely play with it, no harm. Here in one place we selected the best gun sounds and cool gun sounds. We collected real gun sounds simulator is the most realistic shots records of guns and weapons. This weapons game have large collection shots sounds records from different types of guns. Application contains almost all famous types of weapons - so don't waste your time press install and get it in your Smartphone now for free. And use it every day for you entertainment.
Operating System Android