Underworld Mafia Criminal City

Underworld mafia criminal city is the game to play to reclaim your rule on the criminal capital of the world. You have been an underworld mob boss in russian terror cities during your days. You have since then moved to other countries and now you are in the capital city of the underworld mafia. Here, everyone is new to you, every gang and every mob boss is new. You will have to make your space in this criminal city, kill each gang mob boss and make way for your mafia rule. You have been chased by police, shoot at by the cops but you have always managed to escape from the grip of the law. Your first and foremost goal is to setup your own mafia gang squad, with your trusted comrades who would chase your enemies for you and go through missions you give them. With Underworld mafia criminal city you would get to fulfil your dream of ruling the criminal city completely. Play all games, fair or otherwise, fight all fights, but win the gangwar. Gangwars in the downtown, subways, dark alleys and hoods are the most fierce. You must fight with your enemies, chase them out of the city or kill them by shooting them right in the head. Underworld mafia criminal city is the ultimate way to get back a city under your own rule. Underworld mafia criminal city would get you a city to rule with your own squad and you will be mob boss. While it's easy to say to control all the crime lords, mob bosses, gangs, squads in a city but its takes alot of planning, killing, shooting, fighting to get to that level. With your experience as a mob boss in Russia, you can certainly achieve all this and more. Underworld gangs are your specialty and while this is a new city for you, you will be able to control all the criminal activities and the criminals in the city. The police is corrupt in the city, and almost every cop is on the gangs' payroll. Your vast wealth and money will get most of the corrupt cops in your pocket and they will use their sniper and sharp shooting skills to eliminate your enemies. You will get the best hitman from the corrupt officers who would kill and shoot on your orders. Underworld mafia criminal city comes loaded with many features: v Awesome and realistic 3D city environment v Combat Tools to fight enemiesv Great and intuitive user experience for the real don hitmanv High quality graphics and animationsv Great fighting using guns and other armsv Thrilling missions v Super fun to playv Excellent game plotv Shoot, Kill, Chase, Run and Escape all in one gamev It's Free. What are you waiting for? Download Underworld mafia criminal city NOW.
Operating System Android