Clown Robbery Gangster Squad

A grand exhibition is taking place at the city museum. Clowns are known for their fun and entertainment but this time jump on the darker side of the story. Get ready for the biggest robbery of the year. Kill or be killed in this clown robbery gangster squad escape. Play as the real clown, a criminal along with his girlfriend to bring crime to the city with grand robbery plan. Execute the robbery at the city museum and escape. Keep cover in shadow for stealth operations behind walls and your priority is to eliminate armed as soon as possible. Plan your criminal activity as the real city gangster because you have the support the of gangster mafia in the city. Stealing is not easy especially when the things doesn't really go the way you want. Play the grand robbery escape game with criminal squad and gangster shooting war. You are a real criminal clown, a city gangster and a mafia thug who wants nothing but money. This is the robbery you've been planning since a while now. Rule the streets of crime inside the sin city. Sneak inside the museum and stealth spy against the police officers. Shot dead everyone in your way but don't forget to cover your girlfriend all the way to the main vault. The game is all about thrilling grand robbery and escape as the real criminal clown. Violence, killing and stealing is what you planned for. The real survival game begins when the special ops rush in to save the day. Be prepared to takeout the resistance. Make them your victim. Show extreme gangster shooting with stealth killing as the real criminal clown. Time to prove yourself as the real mafia gangster of the city. Robbery is your ultimate goal, but survival should be the first priority. Inflict no mercy over the special ops forces once they break in. Gameplay begins with you taking out a couple of gangsters as a spy and getting inside the museum. Reach the vault where the artefacts are kept with diamonds and cash. Kill all officers with your exotic weapons. Prove your shooting skills, rob the museum, collect cash and escape like a pro gangster. Be the real gangsters, a criminal clown to survive the grand robbery escape. Don't let down your girlfriend at any point. This is the last survival opportunity as the city mafia gangster. Successfully survive the grand robbery and runaway with the escape. GAMEPLAY Features. Play as the Criminal ClownEliminate Police trying to Stop youPerform the Grand Robbery Thrill of Playing as a Clown with his GirlfriendHighly Additive & Immersive GameplayAim, Shoot and Take HeadshotsMultiple Weapons like Pistols, AK and Assault Guns. FOLLOW US. THANKS FOR PLAYING OUR GAMES.
Operating System Android


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