Starboard VR

Fly through space as you control your ship and shoot down your enemies. Compete online with friends and the world for the most wins. Game Modes. Tutorial -- Learn to play Starboard VR. Time Trial -- Race your spaceship through an obstacle course and compete against your friends for the best times. Invite Multiplayer -- Battle your friends as you try to dodge asteroids and compete for the most wins. Matchmaking Multiplayer -- Climb the leaderboard by taking on the world in matchmaking. Features. VR and non-VR gameplay modes. Leaderboards. Achievements. Multiplayer. Immersive 3D soundNote: Starboard VR is playable without Google Cardboard. However, to fully enjoy Starboard VR you'll need a viewer that works with Google Cardboard. Learn more and get your own Cardboard viewer at http://g. co/cardboard. Suggestions or Comments? Email us at: developers@starboard.designCheck out our website at:
Operating System Android