Dead Arena Zombies:Underworlds

Dead Arena Zombies: Underworlds combines the timeless action games with crisp graphics and FPS zombie controls. In this game, Ideas are taken, for example, The year is 2035 and something terrible, the T-virus has been the gateway to the world. People are sick, poor And it is out of touch and unaccountable government. Which is taken up by the walking dead surfers around the worldThey can see and kill any living things, and eat a bite of students, police officers, and spread infectious to all humans including doctors timberman, workers and etc. A virus unlike anything we have spread like a forest fire around the city before seen. Any living creatures that have been changed and may effected across him. Hope for survivors escape, fled, but it will become city of the dead humans. They can attack on shops, markets, warehouses, supermarkets or anywhere else they are hiding get to be alive Waiting to be rescued. It's time to blow the crap out of thousands of zombies and fat bosses. It depends on you. Not only to save innocent people, lead, fit build and live to fight your way as you rebuild this world of peace. Its free game just install and enjoy. How to play: Fire button to shoot down zombies. Tap the reload button to reload ammo/bullets. Hit on zombies head to get early success- Purchase the health- Unlimited bullets by tapping on the gun. Kill zombies to get cash. Change your desired weapon by tapping the switch button. Features: 3D Environment and amazing 2D graphics with realistic lighting- Multiple types of weapons (Sniper, MP5, AK47, Sword shotgun, pistol) - 8 types of zombies- Amazing killing and blood effect- Amazing attack with sword- Collect cash by killing zombies and get health and ammunition. Realistic horror hospital environment. Hard game with waves. Good quality sound effectsContact US: Give us reviews, advises and suggestions. Please feel free to contact us at
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