Gears of War 4: Starter Airdrop for Xbox One

Kickstart your multiplayer experience with the 17-pack Starter Airdrop, which includes 2 Elite Packs, 5 Operations Packs, 5 Versus Boosters, and 5 Horde Boosters. Elite Packs unlock 5 random customization cards, includes 1 rare-or-better item with an increased chance of scoring a Legendary Card Operations Packs supply 5 random cards including bounties and class skills; at least 1 is a customization card: Emblem, weapon, or character Versus Boosters grant 5 consumable Versus Bounty Cards Horde Boosters come with 4 Horde Skill Cards and 1 consumable Horde Bounty Card.
Price USD 19.99
License Purchase
Operating System Console Games, Xbox One, Xbox
System Requirements None