Grand City Gangster Simulator

Get ready for fun, immersive, and wild gun wars, the crime and sin city of Chicago San Andreas is witnessing the entry of the Bad Man known as "The Grand Gangster" is in the crime town, prisoned and jailed for five odd years in the slammer of the San Andreas Miami county prison for crimes, extortion, ransom and killings. What the hell is this city of crime has turned into. You as a Grand Gangster can use weapons at your disposal and perform interesting vendetta criminal missions and become the king of the gangland in Grand Gangster Simulator 3D, be a master in Gangster Theft King. Grand Gangster Simulator 3D puts the dark, intriguing and ruthless criminal world of the sin city's street crimes at large engaged the grand gangster is the master mind on the Russian mafia and in involved in all kinds of thefts, car and motor bike snatching, killings and taking over the vendetta crime and sin city and outrunning the Miami and San Andreas Police force. The passion of grand gangster is stealing auto cars, evading cops, racing through streets, and shooting down other gangs and criminal mafia. Grand Gangster Simulator 3D is an action packed adventure full of crime-fighting and non-stop action with the greatest challenge, San Andreas Miami state is under threat from a city-wide Russian mafia crime spree, its only the Grand Gangster who can stop them and restore order of this San Andreas Grand Gangster City. Get ready to build your own grand gangster crime empire in the most amazing and epic Crime and City gangster order. Powerful grand gangsters and thieves are taking over the crime city of Miami and San Andreas, the criminal mafia gang is very lethal, well trained and don't take rules very seriously. In Grand Gangster Simulator 3D, perform challenging escape, shoot down reckless gangsta. Kill mafia, smugglers, and robbers with powerful arsenal of weapons like piston, guns, Gatling. Reach metro Casino to take psychotic vengeance from other urban gangsters. Engage in action packed clash between town gangsters & badass bandits. Enthrall by intriguing fighting competition in real mad city. Seek vendetta by killing all gangs of gangsters and be the boss in challenging Grand Gangster crime and sin city 3D. Get into a grand gangster criminal sin city chase as the police set in hot pursuit. Drive different luxury branded expensive import speed racing models cars, you need to race for money, honor and more through the streets of this epic crime sin city Russian gangster mafia 3D city. In Grand Gangster Crime & Sin City expand your gang with Russian mafia territory. Shoot down real enemy gang members, do not get arrest for shooting and killing gangsters and rivals, this grand gangster simulator crime city is a combination of games like real fighting, running, racing, action, stunt and shooting games. Perform illegal actions like Mexican and Russian drug mafia or Urban grand gangsters and snatch money and valuables from the city people. The action in this Grand Gangster 3D offence simulator game revolves around shooting and killing your enemies as gang mobster, become a super villain gangbuster and be the underworld lord of Miami, Russia and many other crime cites.
Operating System Android