City Gangster of New Orleans

City Gangster of New Orleans brings the underworld of Mexico to life in this crime simulator. The war against this city gangster has begun, become the gangstar of this mafia city for all time. Build reputation of real gangsta in the crime town that is the New Orleans of Mexico. Being a crime simulator you have to put up your offense within this mafia city. The streets of New Orleans are full of Gangs, Mobsters, Cops, and other Scums. As a Gangstar, you are given fully charged over the area where you can go daft. The action in this crime simulator game is involved shooting and killing your enemies. This game is awesome not only for the shots of your weapon but the way you can kill mafia family. You can even steal cars and drive around this crime town to take down other gangs on these streets. You as a gangstar, help the gang lord to kill his opponents. Download and play this addictive crime simulator and be a member of the Mafia family. Storyline of Gangster of New Orleans: Mafia Crime City: It's midnight. Meet our player Mr. Lalih, the gangsta who recently come to this city and want to explore the city but he has no cash. The only way for him to do this by snatching any auto and take it for a drive. This story is designed to make you stick to the game and you feel like a real gangsta, having breath taking dangerous shooting missions, kidnapping tasks and escape and chase missions. Show no mercy to the opponent gangsters and took million dollars from your opponent to your gang lord. After that, you will be giving the duty to squelch the van full of drugs, and shoot out the drug carrier. Now you have bags of money and drugs and be aware of agents having secret meetings against you go behind them and shoot them as soon as possible. It's time to destroy the weapons house with a time bomb and take revenge of your gang lord that planned to your opponent gangs to kill you. Take control of the whole mafia in New Orleans and be the lord of the city gangsters. Note: You can play this game for FREE and also WITHOUT Internet. Gangster of New Orleans in the Mafia Crime City Key Features: Smooth 3rd Person Controls- Realistic Car Driving controls- Console quality HD Graphics- Addictive and amazing gameplay soundHow to Play: Use Driving controls in driver modeUse the joystick to move your characterUse Sprint button to run Swipe on screen to look aroundUse aim and shoot button in shooting modeLike us on facebook:
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