Husky Run

In this new endless runner experience you control Luna, a Siberian Husky who is trying to escape various monsters trying to catch her. How far can you make it? Try to beat your furthest run with every new game. There are different levels and difficulties making the game easy for beginners but also difficult enough for players who want a challenge. A perfect game for kids who love dogs or puppies. Featuring achievements that are easy to gain and give a lot of experience for your Play account. The game play is similar to the likes of Banana Kong and is the perfect game to play if you have a few minutes to kill. Family-friendly and kid friendly. How to play:-Tap the screen to jump to the next platform-You can hold the press down to jump higher, or double tap to double jump-Collecting green gems doubles the amount of bones you get per bone-Collecting the blue gems instantly fills your boost bar-Once you have collected enough bones, you can swipe your finger to boost-If you tap the screen during the boost, you will end the boost earlyPlease leave feedback in the comments for any bugs/requested features as I am continuing to add features to the game. I am planning on adding an in-game store to purchase items (such as other dogs/hats) with your bones collected during runs. This paid version of Husky Run does not include ads. If you want to check out the game before downloading the paid version, you can download Husky Run Lite which is supported by video ads.
Operating System Android