Hot Trigger

SUPER SLOW MOTION SHOOTER ON GOOGLE PLAY. First person shooter where you can control time. Defeat your enemies and use time to your advantage. Use multiple weapons, explore huge levels and master your skills to complete deadly missions. Advanced slow-motion mechanics- Mesmerizing 3D environment- Cutting edge graphics- Massive and challenging levels- Variety of extreme weapons- Easy controls and smooth gameplayCONTROLLING THE TIMEWhen you're standing still the time moves very slowly but if you make just a little move the time immediately speeds up. When you're shooting you're also speeding the time up so be very careful and get ready for some hot action. TOUCH SCREEN CONTROLSTo move in any direction you have to use joystick in the bottom left corner. To look around you can swipe anywhere on the screen. If you want to shoot just use button in bottom right corner. Pause button is situated in the top left corner. GRAPHICS AND QUALITY SETTINGSYou'll be amazed by top notch graphics including real time light effects, laser sharp animations and destructible environment. The graphics quality will be automatically detected for your device, however you can change it in the settings menu. To visit settings click the screw button in bottom left corner in main menu scene.
Operating System Android