Prison Warden Chase Jail Break

Get ready for the epic police chase game Prison Warden Chase Jail Break and lockup prisoners behind bars who try to escape Alcatraz prison. Become city police officer on prison guard duty. The gangsters and criminals planning to escape prison. As a top cop chase down the prison yard. Start shootout as Police sniper to lockup mediocre culprits behind bars. Give prisoners a hard time to jailbreak and escape maximum security. Clever suspect and suspicious prisoner inmate are planning to execute a flawless breakout. These prison criminals have bribe jail warden to help prisoner escape. Fulfill responsibility of a daring cop who is in-Charge of prison security and punish warden taking bribe. Watch out for the psychotic law breakers that pose a threat of invading the rehabilitation jail. Start an intense counter war against the prison gangsters on cellmate attack. Perform the rigorous core duty of prison police, arrest and display your shooting skills. Take precise leg shots and lockdown the escaping prisoners in jail next to warden office. Be a brutal cop and caged the dark shadows to punish them for years of imprisonment in Alcatraz prison facility. Keep patrolling in the city and watch out for the escaped prisoners inmates. Hunt criminals in city streets like a tower watchmen with sniper gun. Fight gangsters and be brutal: hitting with stick and attacking with knife is not enough. Get sniper rifle and shoot criminals armed with machine guns. Perform the duty of a prison sniper. Prison Warden Jailbreak Features:? 3 Stunning and detailed Environments? Challenging Criminals chase & Police sniper missions? Two game modes: FPS & 3rd Person Shooting? Thrilling prison escape / jail break mayhem scenario? Multiple Weapons to choose stick, pistol, sniper, machine gunDownload the newest police simulator game with Prison Warden Chase Jail Break.
Operating System Android