Psychologists say that the limbic system controls the basic instincts for survival: feeding, fighting, self-preservation, and reproduction. Now there's a game that taps directly into these primal instincts: Slithereens, the new wise-crackin', snake-slidin' game from Ambrosia Software.Set in the backyard of the evil Dr. Funkengruven, Slithereens is an adventure that will satisfy your appetite for action. You are Luther, a peaceful snake who was surgically sassified and imbued with a hunger for snakemeat. Unfortunately, there are hundreds of ther snakes like you, each wanting the same thing: to munch on you!Slide Luther through the rocky maze, while eating other snakes, rodents, birds, and other yummies. Avoid getting eaten, and protect your eggs from other animals. Taunt your enemies with disrespectful words. Survive, and live to munch another day. Fail, and... die, but you can always just start another game, right?Your odds of survival are slim. Luther must face bigger, meaner, and smarter snakes as time goes by. Of course, you can easily cut your foe to an edible size by munching his tail or midsection. But watch out! If a larger snake bites your head, you're dead!The jive-talking snakes must fight through five funky environments, each with its own varieties of obstacles and dangers. Over 100 digitized sounds breathe life into the funkadelic Luther. Vivid artwork adds spicy flavor to the game, garnished with a tasty soundtrack. But don't waste your time appreciatin' the scenery, or else those crafty snakes with sneakdafied AI will make you their supper!Programmed by Jesse Liesch, Slithereens is the perfect game for all ages. It features thousands of frames of beautifully rendered 3D animation, an upbeat MOD soundtrack with 6 original tunes, a crockpot full of of spicy taunts, and play control that anyone can pick up in a second. Once you've been bitten, you'll really be smitten! There's no antidote for a game this addictin'!
Price USD 20
License Purchase
File Size 9.28 MB
Version 1.0
Operating System Macintosh, Mac OS Classic
System Requirements 256 Color Screen, 13" or Greater; 10 MB RAM. '040 or PowerPC recommended