Automated Transaction Manager

Do you want player trades and transactions to occur automatically in your Baseball for Windows replay? How about that roster move you donâ??t want to miss? Well with ATMgr you can have it. This program was created for the replayer so that actual transactions for a season could be entered into a file before (or during) a BBW season. It can also be used in a fantasy league where you set your own transactions ahead of time. This process will save on the time it takes to manually make trades, player call ups and releases and the like. Once entered all you have to do is select Daily Roster from the ATM menu and the program does the rest. You may use any method to run your league although you must be using some version of League Manager(LM). You may use a program such as APlus(A+), Auto Substitution in LM or manually enter lineups before each game.
File Size241.21 kB
Operating System Windows NT Windows Windows 98 Windows 95
System Requirements
  • Windows 95/98/NT