Mosquito Ops

Mosquito Ops is a free 3D OpenGL game for Mac OS X(10.4+, Universal Binary) and Windows PC. You play as a mosquito and must complete a various number of objectives, like sucking blood, or find all mosquito eggs. The game was created by Oliver Hörbinger and Clemens Mautner Markhof as part of an university lecture within 12 weeks. It was our first OpenGL/C++ project and together we spent over 700hours to create our own game engine, the content and the logic. Go to our website at to read more about the game, its development and watch a short trailer. Final words: have fun exploring and sucking blood!
File Size8.39 MB
Operating System Windows XP SP 2 Windows XP Windows
System Requirements
  • 1Ghz+
  • dedicated graphics card