American McGee's Grimm: A Boy Learns What Fear Is

When a young boy wants to learn the true meaning of the word "fear," his father advises him to leave the safety of their village home and venture out into the wilderness. Along the way, the boy's quest for "fear" leads him to the hanging gallows, a haunted house, and even a wedding. However, he doesn't truly encounter fear until Grimm decides to enter the story.American McGee invites you into an incredible adventure built around the world's best-known fairy tales. As Grimm, you will transform the classic tales of Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, Jack and the Beanstalk, and more of your favorites into darkly twisted Grimm versions of themselves in 24 all-new game episodes. Each game episode is centered around one of the world's best-known fairy tales and provides 30 minutes of gameplay. Each episode is a complete, standalone experience and the episodes can be played in any order. New episodes are released weekly and each new episode can be played for free during its first 24 hours of release at the GameTap Grimm site.
Price USD 0
License Free
File Size 193.45 MB
Operating System Windows, Windows XP, Windows Vista
System Requirements Windows XP/Vista (Vista requires administrator privileges)