Trail Blazer

A highly addictive action game in wich you can blaze your way through 8 different planets with 10 different vehicles. The story starts when the main character gets lost in space by flying through a space-tunnel. You have to find your way home by traveling through space and visiting other locations until you find a way home. The story is non-linear so that you can visit locations in different order and even skip some, but of course they serve a purpose. To travel you need money, and the way to earn money is by playing in the Trail Blazers Contest. Here is where the real fun begins. Three competitors at a time are flying in an arena with special hover-cars. These hover-cars leave a long dangerous trail. When you drive through you get damage, when you collide with an opponent you are wasted. So to win you have to avoid the trails and at the same time try to waste your enemies by tactically laying out your own trail.
File Size46.68 MB
Operating System Windows Windows Me Windows 98 Windows Vista Windows XP Windows 2000
System RequirementsWindows 98/Me/2000/XP/Vista