Red Shark demo

In the secret laboratories of Russia in 2010, the operating model of time machine was completed--a discovery which would allow the transfer of objects and humans back to the past. In 2011, under the aegis of special service, the "Red Shark" project was created. The target of the project was the so-called "point correction" of history. By way of historical duration, the period of the Second World War was chosen. Perfectly armed, the modern military helicopter represents a significant fighting machine in the 1940s. However, although it's a high-tech machine, the helicopter has to face a high number of enemies alone. To successfully complete this mission, a professional pilot, who is ready to face anything, is required. Are you ready to rise to the challenge?This demo allows you to play the full game for 60 minutes.
Price USD 19.99
License Free to try
File Size 169.75 MB
Operating System Windows 2000, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows, Windows XP
System Requirements Windows 98/Me/2000/XP, 350Mhz CPU, 64MB RAM