Clive Barker's Undying demo

Set in Ireland of the 1920s, players take on the role of Patrick Galloway, who has been summoned to an ancestral estate by its lone descendant, Jeremiah. Death has claimed his four siblings, each of whom have reanimated intent on slaying their living brother, the last of the family, so as to free the Curse of the Undying King .To save his friend and unravel the curse that has befallen Jeremiah's family, Patrick must embark on five perilous quests before he can unearth the final horror of the estate. Each quest brings Patrick face-to-face with one of Jeremiah's undead siblings and the strange and wicked creatures the curse has attracted. In addition, Patrick must triumph over his reviled competitor, Kiesinger. If there is power to be had by unearthing the mystery of the estate, then Kiesinger will try and steal it--and there is much power to be had. It's up to Patrick to defeat each of Jeremiah's siblings and to vanquish Kiesinger to quell the Undying King. The demo lets you play through a sequence in the haunted mansion and includes some of the stronger weapons and spells from the full version.
Price USD 0
License Free to try
File Size 96.89 MB
Operating System Windows 95, Windows 2000, Windows 98, Windows, Windows NT
System Requirements Windows 95/98/NT/2000, 64MB RAM, 3D-accelerated graphics card, DirectX Drivers