Deep Space Nine: The Fallen updated demo

The Fallen utilizes a revolutionary multiple-character system that gives you three unique and compelling single-player experiences, as either Captain Sisko, Major Kira, or Lt. Commander Worf. Energized by an enhanced version of the revolutionary Unreal Tournament engine, The Fallen places the player at the heart of an exhilarating 3D adventure. A sophisticated camera system takes third-person perspective gaming to a higher plane, whether in close quarters or wide-open expanses. A custom-designed inverse kinematics and bones animation system provides fluid character movements and ambulatory dexterity, while a revolutionary facial animation system enables real-time lip-synching and heightened dramatic interaction between characters.
LicenseFree to try
File Size110.78 MB
Operating System Windows 95 Windows Windows 98
System RequirementsPentium-233, Windows 95/98, 64MB RAM, 3D video card, DirectX Drivers