Gubble Buggy Racer updated demo

Gubble is a superhero in almost every way. But one day, Gubble D. Gleep accidently flew his new spaceship into an asteroid belt. Suddenly, a sneaky asteroid hit him from behind and sent his ship out of control through deep space. Gubble eventually crash-landed on the planet Konnivar and awoke to find himself a prisoner. The evil emperor of Konnivar imprisoned him and stole vital parts from his ship, including his cloning device (see screen shots). The only way Gubble can escape and regain his possessions is to enter an intergalactic space race against five other Gubbles. Since our superhero never backs down from a challenge, it's up to you to help him win the race, regain his possessions, and escape to freedom.
LicenseFree to try
File Size9.76 MB
Operating System Windows 98 Windows 95 Windows
System RequirementsPentium-200, Windows 95/98, 32MB RAM, D3D video card, DirectX Drivers