G-Sector is a bold step in freeware: a full 3D game using the Genesis 3D engine. It supports Glide and Direct3D for 3D acceleration. G-Sector was developed in-house by Freeform Interactive LLC, best-known for the FvF franchise. G-Sector is a 3D action game based around hoverboard combat--a hybrid of an extreme game and a third-person shooter. Players control the heroine, Cyra, as she hoverboards through futuristic cities and arenas. Gameplay is based on ramps and tricks you use to build velocity and avoid opponents' shots. Using a chase-cam and a customizable mouse/keyboard interface, G-Sector should be familiar to players of 3D shooters.
License Free
File Size 16.77 MB
Version 1.0
Operating System Windows 98 Windows 95 Windows
System Requirements Windows 95/98, DirectX 7.0 drivers