Tribes demo

Starsiege: Tribes, set in the Starsiege universe, is a revolutionary first-person shooter that pits different warring tribes against each other. This first-person 3D action shooter is designed from scratch to focus on cooperative multiplayer gaming. Players use single-player training missions to develop the skills required to become full-fledged warriors, but the real heat of Tribes radiates from multiplayer combat between two to 32 players connected over the Internet or a LAN. Instead of trying to save the galaxy in a single-player quest, the player is a part of a tribe whose members must work together to survive battles with competing tribes. These battles can be as simple as destroying the enemy tribe or as complex as completing detailed missions with multiple task objectives. Each tribe has its own battlefield leader with a satellite view of the entire battlefield. Depending on the status of the tribe?s radar and sensor systems, the Commander can monitor both enemy and friendly troop positions. Additional multiplayer features include Personal Voice Commands for sending prerecorded messages in your own voice to your comrades, all the while blasting away at the enemy. Other general features in Tribes include customizable skins and logos for each tribe, weather systems, vast worlds and endless terrain, motion-capture animation, and seamless integration between interiors and exteriors.
License Free to try
File Size 24.95 MB
Operating System Windows 98 Windows NT Windows 95 Windows
System Requirements Windows 95/98/NT, 32MB RAM, 3D graphics accelerator