Expendable demo

In the year 2463 CE, you control a squad of "Expendables," genetically engineered soldiers whose mission is to be dropped one by one into a series of battles to reclaim territory from the unfamiliar alien race known as the Charva. The ability of the Expendable game engine to freely mix outdoor and indoor environments (such as tunnels, underground bases, and ruined cities) creates a dark and beautiful world for you to explore and to blow apart with the various weapons you can pick up on your journey toward the alien homeworld. Expendable features a leading-edge 3D graphics engine, 20 levels of hard-blasting action (though the demo only features one), bump-mapping, DirectSound 3D and EAX support, and a two-player cooperative mode. Screen shots can be seen here and here. (Click on the thumbnails for larger images.)
Price USD 0
License Free to try
File Size 49.01 MB
Operating System Windows Windows 95 Windows 98
System Requirements Windows 95/98, 3D accelerator, DirectX Drivers