Fatal Abyss demo

In the near future, a war is being fought over Bacteria 241, a strange new energy source found in its raw form at the bottom of the ocean. The scientists of Eco Systems have developed a way to extract the energy source from the bacteria. But their plans to be the sole providers of the energy to the world are crushed by the invading and combative Proteus Tech. Now it is up to you to either defend Eco Systems or destroy and dominate as Proteus Tech. Twenty undersea unique maps with intricate caves, underwater currents, and exposed magma are included. Ten offensive and defensive weapons ranging from deadly missiles to explosive mines are available to you. Battle it out as a pilot in a 16-player dogfight; with teleports, a remote docking station, hidden caves that must be blasted open, and up to 15 other pilots hunting you down, the multiplayer arcade mode is different each time you play. This demo is for multiplayer games only, so you'll have to get a free Heat.net account from the link below. Also, this is a pre-alpha version, so you may encounter a few gameplay snags.
LicenseFree to try
File Size13.66 MB
Operating System Windows 95 Windows
System RequirementsPentium-166, Windows 95, 32MB RAM, DirectX, 3Dfx card (all chipsets supported)