The House of the Dead demo

Research personnel are missing from the DBR Corporation, a clandestine laboratory funded by the government to conduct experiments on bioengineered life forms. A team of special operatives is dispatched to the laboratory to investigate; what they find are brain-sucking zombies running wild in an experiment gone awry. You must rescue the DBR staff and fend off hordes of undead and other genetic mutations. Your high-powered hand gun will splatter these creatures, but you better shoot fast or they'll make you one of them! The game, a PC shooter with changing plot lines and varying scenarios, captures the realistic animation, resolution, and detail of the arcade hit. There's gore galore, and two-player mode lets you share in the carnage. The game takes care of your character's walking, so you can concentrate on aiming and shooting.
License Free to try
File Size 15.44 MB
Operating System Windows 95 Windows
System Requirements Pentium-133, Windows 95