Scott Griffin thought that his days of killing were over. As a former pilot in the elite Anti-Insurrection Squad, Griffin had hunted rebels for years; had been their worst enemy. But that was before someone destroyed his home and kidnapped his girlfriend. Now a conspiracy involving a company called Medtech is hunting him down. His fiancee, Maria, may have been taken for experimentation with a lethal stimulant called Adrenix. And the rebel forces he once hunted to kill are now his only hope in finding Maria and saving his own life. Adrenix is jam-packed with features, including a 3D environment that runs in standard 640-by-480-pixel resolution without 3D acceleration, and a hefty count of missions for hours of lethal gameplay.
License Free to try
File Size 13.7 MB
Operating System Windows 95 Windows
System Requirements Pentium 133, Windows 95, 16MB RAM, DirectX Drivers, video card w/2MB RAM, sound card