Youngblood demo

Guide the Youngblood team through 11 real-time missions that combine pulse-pounding action with strategic role-playing elements. Battle through dense jungles, parched deserts, and smoldering volcanoes to the very pits of hell as mutant enemies grow more bizarre and violent. You must destroy them before the evil Giger and the traitor, Dr. Leviticus, finds the Drachma Codex, the secret to global domination. The game features 11 heroes grouped in a player-selected team of 6. Players can build, train, and hone the skills of the team members. There is a 2-player cooperative option and a multiplayer death match mode, real-time combat action, and more.
Price USD 0
License Free to try
File Size 10 MB
Operating System Windows, Windows 3.x
System Requirements Pentium 133, 16MB RAM, Windows 95, DirectX drivers