Esoteria demo

You are Raven in this 3D, third-person perspective game. Project Raven is a secret experiment to develop a prototype for a genetically and cybernetically enhanced super soldier to safeguard Esoteria. Commander Kazan, now head of the Regime, initiated Project Raven with ulterior motives in mind: he used it to build the prototype for the next line of government assassins. The demo takes place before the game's story, when Raven is still a prototype known as an ""Eliminator."" The demo is the first field test for the Raven prototype. Dropped off in the military base, your main objective is to assassinate the Crimson Guard, the boss character in the demo. Search the military base for items that will help you. The demo represents only about 5â??10 percent of the total Esoteria game area. The final game will include underwater environments, caves, mountains, and urban regions. The Esoteria world is 3 miles in diameter and will take 15 minutes for the main character to travel across in real time. In the demo, the player will receive four weapons (as opposed to ten in the final game), four power-ups, and a cloaking device. This sophisticated game offers nonlinear gameplay and a huge world for players to explore.
LicenseFree to try
File Size11.6 MB
Operating System Windows Windows 95
System RequirementsPentium 133, Windows 95, 32MB RAM, DirectX drivers