CyberMage demo

Shut down the enemy's secret combat training facility, penetrate the main fortress, and verify NeCrom's involvement in this operation. First, jump into a tank and crush anyone who gets in your way. Then fight your way through a temple of mystic fanatics to build up your amazing Darklight powers! After that, infiltrate the enemy fortress, commandeer an ""aircar,"" and take to the skies. Above all else, try to stay alive long enough to reach the end. This demo consists of a sample scene, showing you the futuristic and fantastic world of CyberMage. Solve its challenging puzzles. Fight against the strange creatures that inhabit the world. The only things the demo doesn't show you are the enigmatic characters and fascinating story created by David W. Bradley that will make CyberMage: Darklight Awakening a first-person gaming experience unlike any other. From within the game, press the question mark key at any time to see the keyboard hot key help page
LicenseFree to try
File Size9.04 MB
Operating System Windows Windows 95
System RequirementsDOS (Windows 95 compatible), 486/66, 8MB RAM