Katharsis demo

Katharsis is a next-generation shoot-'em-up, with immersive gameplay and an intelligent plot. You can fly left or right at anytime and use the afterburner freely, for more freedom of movement than usual in shoot-'em-ups. The enemies are intelligent, not attacking your ship like kamikazes--this enemy wants to survive. There are dozens of ships, and each one is unique. The megabosses are fought on a different, full 3D plane. In half of the levels, you are fighting to save your own life; the other half is spent protecting a special bomb that has been prepared to destroy the Conquerors' base. The plot will involve you: You really care about what's going on and why is it all happening. As you progress through the game, new secrets are revealed and the truth about Conquerors is unveiled.
LicenseFree to try
File Size7.34 MB
Operating System Windows