Meat Puppet demo (revised)

With an enormous, smoking gun at her side, the raven-haired beauty insnug body armor spins on her spiked heel and exits the burning,blood-spattered room, leaving echoes of her light, seductive gigglebehind like a parting gift. Meet Lotos Abstraction a beautiful woman witha magnificent gun. They have a working relationship. The rest isslightly more complicated. Beneath the littered streets ofNeoteric Los Angeles lurk the cannibalistic elder kin known as theAbominations. Eating the gangrenous, fleshy refuse of Embassy CorpusDelecti, these militant metahumans plot insurrection and are stockpilingarmaments and medical supplies to augment their already fearsomepreternatural strength. And it is here that they have cornered Lotos, short on ammo, short on temper. Your mission? Find the exit and get outalive. Meat Puppet brings players a sophisticated story with intriguingcharacters, visually stunning graphics and animation, and an expansiveplaying universe. If they can handle it, Meat Puppet brings gamers amegacaliber brand of third-person, isometric-view action game combinedwith obstacle and puzzle solving. The designers created this micromission and engineered it for maximum violence density. All rooms are unique and don't appear anywhere else.
Price USD 0
License Free to try
File Size 17.46 MB
Operating System Windows, Windows 95
System Requirements Windows 95, DirectX driver