Crusader: No Regret demo

Unleash your attitude in this explosive sequel to 1996's ""Action Game of the Year."" You're a renegade silencer out to settle a score with the powerful World Economic Consortium. Only your instincts, agility, and firepower can get you through in one piece. Destroy anyone and everything that gets in your way with an arsenal of devastating weapons. See visible damage result from every shot. Witness grisly deaths as your opponents shatter, broil, vaporize, and burst into flames. Some 21 fast-action maneuvers let you run, dive, fire, and roll through 10 multi-leveled environments.
Price USD 0
License Free to try
File Size 17.17 MB
Operating System Windows
System Requirements 486DX4/75, 8MB RAM, 55MB disk space, Sound Blaster or compatible sound card