PDACookbook Lite is your electronic recipe and cookbook solution for Palm OS handhelds. Manage your recipes easily, generate shopping lists, create a menu, beam and export, customizable. For color or greyscale Palm OS handhelds. Feature Highlights: Cookbook/Recipe Manager: Holds thousands of your recipes, easily view and edit Ingredients, Instructions, Nutritional information, Servings, Categories. Shopping List: Add one or all recipe ingredients to the list with one tap. Carry your shopping list to the store. Include aisle location. Export to memo for import by HandyShopper and SplashShopper. Menu Planner: Assign multiple recipes to a given date. View recipe from the menu planner with one tap. Customizable: User definable lists for quantity, units, ingredients, categories, nutritional items. Beaming: Beam recipes, menu, shopping list to another PDACookbook user. Export to memo and beam as memo for friends without PDACookbook. FREE Upgrades: to new versions. Technical Support: Fast and free Testimonials: Winner of many awards and great reviews. Easy and Intuitive: Our users say the interface is easy and intuitive - understandable screen layouts. Color/Greyscale: Runs and looks great on color or greyscale handhelds. Download our FREE trial version today! See for yourself how easy it is to use, and try out all of the features. Then, after purchasing, you will immediately receive a registration code to enable the trial version to be fully functional. You won't have to install again after purchasing. It's that easy!
File Size410.16 kB
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • Palm III
  • Palm OS 3.x or 4.x
  • Pentium
  • Windows 98