May be used for pre hospital or for in hospital triage. Helps triage by sorting patients by tag color, Revised Trauma Score (RTS), Trauma Score (TS) or elapsed time (ET). Does multiple levels of triage from basic tag color to RTS and ET. This helps improve continuity of care to the next level of triage. Has pre hospital run sheet documentation assistance. From [Start Run] , this docutimer keeps tract of events as you document from the call time to scene findings, extraction factors, history, exam, basic treatments and disposition. Provides run summary based on documentation. Has preliminary assistance with some differential diagnosis and biochemical agent identification if the [ Analysis] button appears as a result of documented findings. Has for each patient a summary screen and if the Analysis button comes up on the summary screen, a tap on it will list most likely to least likely biochemical agent identification.. Not all agents are contained in this application as this shareware version grew out of a research version that was designed and tested by first responders. Once the triage task is done, the information documented and the list of patients triaged in sort order is exported to the Palm Memo Pad for maximum portability-print, beam, HotSync.
Price USD 20
License Purchase
Version 1.307
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • Palm OS