The complete handheld-to-desktop solution for collecting deliveries, surgical cases, and procedures with your Palm OS-based device. Enter data at the bedside or in the O.R., then simply place your handheld device in the cradle and HotSync. Conduits for both Windows 95/98/2000/NT and Mac OS automatically produce case data in text format for printing or analysis in Microsoft Excel, Access, FileMaker Pro, or any other database program. Each case record contains the provider's name, allowing for easy aggregation of case data by residency coordinators, department chairs, or billing offices. StatTracker also provides rapid access to monthly or yearly running totals of deliveries, surgical cases and procedures. Want to know how many forceps deliveries you did this month compared to last? That information is a few taps away and will always be with you.
File Size1.05 MB
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements<li>Palm OS</li>