PalmEFIS Windometer is PalmEFIS without an attitude. PalmEFIS Windometer has all the speed, altitude, and heading capabilities of PalmEFIS but focuses in on wind detection as its primary feature. While PalmEFIS is geared more towards the IFR pilot that wants one more redundancy or crosschecks, PalmEFIS Windometer is directed towards the VFR pilot that wants to see the one thing that they can't on that severe clear day. The wind! The major PalmEFIS Windometer features: Aircraft Speed (GS, TAS, and IAS) Heading (TC and MH) Altitude (pressure and density altitude) Wind speed and direction
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • Palm OS 4 or greater, Palm OS 5 highly recommended
  • 8MB RAM, 16MB RAM or more recommended
  • Color PDA highly recommended
  • Any GPS that supports NMEA 0183 v2.0 RMC, GGA, and GSA sentences.