PalmEFIS Attitude Indicator

The PalmEFIS Attitude Indicator adds the redundancy to your cockpit that you have always wanted. Sure the backup attitude indicator is nice, but when they no longer match which one is failing? With the PalmEFIS Attitude Indicator a quick glance gives you the two-out-of-three vote to identify the failing instrument with confidence. In the unlikely event that the complete panel fails PalmEFIS Attitude Indicator is there to give you one more chance. With its isolated systems it will be the last instrument standing. PalmEFIS uses a heads-up styled display with the Attitude Indicator as its primary view. The PalmEFIS Attitude Indicator uses the GPS input to simulate an attitude indicator. As such there is a small lag time. The PalmEFIS Attitude Indicator has been proven multiple times in actual emergency conditions where it has been credited with saving pilots lives. While the PalmEFIS Attitude Indicator is an obvious attraction to IFR pilots it is also valuable to VFR pilots. The PalmEFIS Attitude Indicator could come into play on the dark night flights when a little extra redundancy would always help.
Price USD 150
License Purchase
Version 2.0
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • Palm OS 4 or greater, Palm OS 5 highly recommended
  • 8MB RAM, 16MB RAM or more recommended
  • Color PDA highly recommended
  • Any GPS that supports NMEA 0183 v2.0 RMC, GGA, and GSA sentences.