Bulgarian Localization (Bulgarian PiLoc)

Bulgarian PiLoc creates an environment to operate with Palm OS in Bulgarian. PiLoc is a common solution of Palm OS localization problem, chosen by a number of Palm OS device resellers.Features: System fonts replacement to add Bulgarian characters. Alternative Bulgarian Graffiti layout to write Bulgarian letters. Letters in Bulgarian Graffiti layout look similar to their natural hand-written styles. Alternative on-screen keyboard layout for Bulgarian letters input. Special module for external keyboard is included. Allows using portable keyboards to type in Bulgarian. Correct Bulgarian text search and sorting operations. Optional: full translation of Palm OS to Bulgarian (all icons, menu, dialogs of built-in Palm OS applications will be translated). Please, check if your device is supported at Bulgarian PiLoc Download Wizard. 4 Bulgarian encoding types support (Windows-1251, KOI8-R, Mac+ and ISO8859-5). Encoding can be switched at any time from any application even when working with full translated interface. Multiple encoding support allows to browse internet pages in Bulgarian and work with e-mail messages containing Bulgarian text. Mac+ encoding makes possible for Machintosh users to synchronize data in Bulgarian without patching desktop computer. Possibility to install and use several localization systems (for example, Hebrew and Bulgarian). Possibility to use custom fonts instead of the default ones: any ready font can be converted to be installed toghether with PiLoc with the special Fonts Compiler utility. Bulgarian language support launches automatically after system reset. Program is protected from cycling reset. Supports installation into a Flash-ROM. Open API allows developers to change PiLoc parameters from their applications at run-time.
Price USD 29.95
License Purchase
Version 3.6
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • PalmOS 3.5 or Higher