UTS Diabetic Kit

UTS Diabetes is the Palm OS PDA software, that tracks your blood glucose level, insulin injections, carbohydrates consumed, medication intakes and other diabetes stats. This handy, stylish, and easy to use PDA software serves as a traditional paper diabetic logbook and also gives you lots of extra benefits: Enter your glucose readings with two taps of stylus. No more keyboard or Graffiti needed. Track glucose either in mg/dL or mmol/L. Supply your readings with text notes and importance marks. Colored records will alert you if your glucose level is normal, high or low. Classify and filter your records by series, time or levels. Use predefined list of insulin, medications, and food to easily enter the data. The program will automatically calculate the insulin and medication doses required to lower the high blood glucose. Interactive charts and diagrams will help you and your doctor analyze your stats to adjust the treatment. Summarized reports will quickly show what was your glucose level throughout day, week or month. Use "E-Mail Report" feature to send the report to the physician right from your Palm PDA. Windows conduit will export your data to desktop PC into a colorful MS Excel report that you can print out for your doctor. UTS Diabetes provides 10 customizable charts to see your blood glucose trends along with other diabetes values dynamics. You can setup: Analysis period of time. Aggregated value type. Scale. Grid parameters. Colors.
Price USD 34.8
License Purchase
File Size 1.91 MB
Version 1.3
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • Palm OS 3.0 or higher