TapSmart KeyLink connects your PC keyboard to your Palm Handheld for fast and easy typing of data directly into Palm applications. KeyLink lets you use the PC keyboard that you are already familiar with in a new way. Your PC keyboard is transformed into a Palm keyboard and your mouse into a stylus. And since you already own this keyboard, KeyLink can save you the expense of having to buy an external Palm keyboard. KeyLink also frees you from using your handheld's thumb board with a faster, more flexible, and more convenient solution. KeyLink has a viewing window to monitor the Palm's screen on the PC; this makes it easier and more accurate to enter data. It is fully live, meaning PC mouse clicks in this viewing window result in screen taps on the Palm PDA. KeyLink supports spell checking of any text field and the quick launch feature starts any Palm application effortlessly. Once installed, KeyLink is a snap to operate. Simply run KeyLink on your PC, and activate a connection to it from the KeyLink handheld component. Once activated you can start typing just as if you were typing on a Palm keyboard. You can use a variety of network connections, such as Wi-Fi, Wireless, or Bluetooth to connect to your PC, or use your HotSync USB cable if you prefer. KeyLink extends the keyboard for much more than text entry. It supports pasting from the PC clipboard directly to the Palm handheld, using the "delete" key in text fields, navigating menus, using shortcuts, and tapping menu buttons to name just a few.
File Size933.46 kB
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • Palm OS 3.5 or higher