TeleTone is a helper utility for Palm OS-5 devices, such as the palm Tungsten-T and some Sony CLIE models (see below), with enhanced sound capabilities.It enables you to dial phone numbers from applications like TAKEphONE, the built-in address-book, Contacts 4, Super-Names etc. using DTMF (touch-tone) played on the device speakers.You can configure TeleTone to use number translation to handle local & international crea-codes, line prefixes, etc.You can define up to 5 different profiles (aka locations) for handling dialing from Home, Work, etc.If you use TeleTone together with TAKEphONE, you can also handle calling-cards.To dial from the built-in address-book application - select "Dial" or "Connect" from the menu, and choose TeleTone as the "Dial" helper application.TeleTone supports hard pauses (''p'') to pause dialing pending user input, and soft pauses (''t'' or '','') to pause momentarily. You can also change the playback volume.
Price USD7.95
License Purchase
File Size 46.88 kB
Version 2.14.001
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • PalmOS 3.5 or higher