mDesk provides a true desktop interface and capabilities to your mobile device.mDesk will render the content of Palm screen on Windows desktop and map keyboard and mouse events to the corresponding actions on the actual handheld device. Features: Real-time mirror of Palm screen on Windows desktop. Translates the keyboard and mouse events in Windows into the corresponding actions on the real device. Multiple zoom levels. Cut, copy and paste between Windows and Palm clipboards. Save, print or send the content of the Palm screen to the Windows clipboard. Keyboard shortcuts for common Palm functions, including home button, global find, application menu, hard keys and more. Quickly launch any Palm application by selecting it from the pop-up menu. Presentation mode suitable for live demos. Notifications on important events such as received SMS or scheduled alarms are available on the Windows desktop.
Price USD14.99
License Purchase
File Size 2.86 MB
Version 3.0
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • Palm os 3.5 or Higher