Unit Converter & Sci-Calculator

Unit Converter converts more than 3000 units organized in 95 categories. Swap units, manage units lists, calculator, periodic table. FREE DESKTOP UNIT CONVERTER FOR REGISTERED USERS. Converts more than 3000 unit factors in 95 categories and 40 subcategories. Algebra calculator. Periodic table of elements. 308 Fundamental Physical Constants in 8 categories.5-way navigation support. Support for expansion card. Runs on all Palm handhelds with OS 3.5 and higher. Made for Engineers, Scientists, Students and all others. Customize category, subcategory or unit factors to use. Customize your interface or change result ouput format. All math performed using 64 bit floating point numbers (double precision). Instantaneous calculations. Logical and intuitive interface. Free upgrades. Free desktop unit converter for registered users. Palm unit converterCategories and subcategories
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements<li>PalmOS 3.5 or higher</li> <li>500k RAM</li>