Turnit: Convert Everything

Turnit: Convert Everything, is a powerful, easy to use, customizable scientific unit converter. Massive library with over 2600 units across 70+ categories means with Turnit you can convert pretty much everything. Create your own converters to do the conversions you need quickly and easily. Create your own units. Learn about each unit and what it measures through detailed descriptions. Learn how conversions happen by seeing the calculations behind them. Turnit: Convert Units and Learn is fast and accurate with significant digit control.Features:-2600+ units across 70+ categories of measurement, each with description.-Create custom converters and units.-Fast, accurate, math engine with significant digits-See how each answer is obtained.-History section for review and reference.-Works completely offline. Does not collect data.-Search, sort, filter optionsConversion Categories:-Acceleration-Acceleration - Angular-Angle-Area-Charge-Concentration - Molar-Concentration - Solution-Current-Data Bitrate-Data Storage-Density-Elastance-Electric Conductance-Electric Conductivity-Electric Field Strength-Electric Potential-Electric Resistance-Electric Resistivity-Electrostatic Capacitance-Energy-Energy Density-Fire Load Density-Flow-Flow - Mass-Flow - Molar-Force-Frequency Wavelength-Fuel Economy-Heat Flux-Heat Transfer-Illumination-Inductance-Length-Linear Charge Density-Linear Current Density-Luminance-Luminous Intensity-Magnetic Field Strength-Magnetic Flux-Magnetic Flux Density-Magnetomotive Force-Mass-Mass Flux Density-Moisture Vapor Transmission-Moment of Force-Moment of Inertia-Numbers-Permeability-Power-Pressure-Radiation-Radiation - Absorbed Dose-Radiation - Activity-Radiation - Exposure-Sound Level-Specific Energy-Specific Heat Capacity-Specific Volume-Speed-Surface Charge Density-Surface Current Density-Surface Tension-Temperature-Thermal Conductivity-Thermal Expansion-Thermal Resistance-Time-Torque-Velocity - Angular-Viscosity - Dynamic-Viscosity - Kinematic-Volume-Volume Charge Density
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License Free
Version 1.57
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Requires iOS 12.2 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.