Esh Siddur

EshSiddur is a complete smart "Siddur". EshSiddur will show you the exact "tefila" you want according to the date.You can pray any Nusach you want "Edot Mizrach", "Askenaz", "Sefarad" and "Nusach Ari - Chabad".EshSiddur includesSeder Hayom - Shacharit, Mincha, Mussaf, Maariv, Kriat Shemah Al Hamita, Tikun Hatzot.Birkot Ha'Nehenin - Hamotzi, Minei Mezonot, Gefen, Etz, Adama, Shehakol.Berachot Aharonot - Birkat Hamazon, Me'ein Shalosh, Nefashot.Birkot Besamim - Atzei Besamim, Isvei Besamim, Minei Besamim, Rayach Baperot.Birkot Reiya - Kidush Levana, Birkat Haillanot, Thunder, Lightning, Rainbow.Berachot Ha'Mitzvot - Mezuza, Nida, Tevilat Kelim, Fence.Maasrot - Hafrashat Terumot Umaasrot, Hafrashat Challa.Moadim - Shabbat Candles, Havdala, Yom Tov Candles, Yom Kipur Candles, Hanuka Candles, Megilat Esther.Events - Wedding, Brit Mila, Pidyon Haben, Zeved Habat.Others - Tefilat Haderech, Birkat Hagomel, Shehecheyanu, Cemetery, Hashkava.On Chol HaMoed and Rosh Hodesh Yaale Veyavo, Hallel and Musaf will automatically be inserted into the text. On the Ten Days of Repentance, the text zochreno lehayim etc. will be inserted so you won't forget! In the winter Mashiv Haruach Umorid Hageshem will be inserted as well as Veten Tal Umatar Livracha. On Chanuka and Purim the text Al HaNissim will appear. And during Sfirat HaOmer the appropriate tfillot are inserted.When opening your siddur, you choose the tfilla that you wish. Once in the tfilla you can jump to different parts of the tfilla. So if you wsih to jump to the Amida in Shacharit you can select it quickly.You can choose at the preferences screen if you live in Israel or in the diaspora, whether you live in a walled city (for Shushan Purim) and whether you are the chazan or in the congregation.Also you have complete Hebrew calendar with "Zemane Hayom". , .
Price USD 9.99
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Version 4.4
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Requires iOS 8.2 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.