Faraday's Law Calculator

Faraday's Law Calculator are physic/math calculator to find voltage induced in a closed circuit fast and easy.Features:- Instant calculation- Result are copy able to other app- Formula are include as reference- Support up to 16 decimal place- Support various unit for each inputFaraday's law is a law stating that when the magnetic flux linking a circuit changes, an electromotive force is induced in the circuit proportional to the rate of change of the flux linkage.Faraday's law of induction is a basic law of electromagnetism predicting how a magnetic field will interact with an electric circuit to produce an electromotive force (EMF)a phenomenon called electromagnetic induction. It is the fundamental operating principle of transformers, inductors, and many types of electrical motors, generators and solenoids.Formula:= B * AEMF = - N * d / dtWhere:EMF - induced emf- magnetic fluxB - magnitude BA - cross-sectional area of the coilN - Number of coil turnt - time in second*This is a universal app that work for both iPhone and iPad.Thanks for your support and do visit nitrio.com for more apps for your iOS devices.
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