origin of APPIn the development process, there are often interface problems (DNS resolution error, etc.) so it is necessary to check whether the network from the mobile terminal to the server is connected. It is necessary to interrupt Ping on the mobile phone. In order to facilitate future use, it is necessary to develop a network detection app by introductionThe simplest and best network diagnosis tool! It provides network info, Ping, TCP Ping, traceroute, port scan, lookup, LAN scan and other practical functions, which are easy to use!!At present, the best, the most comprehensive, the most convenient network diagnostic tools,For you to detect the current network status, analysis of the network environment to provide effective tools and methods, simple to start, the results are clear!Hacker, red guest, white guest, hacker, blue guest, grey guest, geek must have software tools!app function introduction1. Network info:Display local network information, cellular network information, public network information2.Ping:Used to test network connectivity between hosts. When executing the ping command, ICMP will be used to send out the information that requires response. If there is no problem with the network function of the remote host, the information will be returned, so that the host can operate normally.3. TCP Ping:For TCP monitoring, you can also see the Ping value. Even if the computer room is forbidden to Ping and the server is forbidden to Ping, you can also use it to monitor the server. In addition to Ping, it has a function to monitor the status of the port.4. Traceroute:It is an important and convenient tool to detect the routing between hosts. Although Ping tool can also detect, but because of the limitation of IP head, Ping can't completely record the router. So traceroute just filled the gap.The full name of ICMP is Internet control message protocol, which is commonly used to transmit error information. ICMP is a part of IP layer, and its message is also transmitted through IP packets.5. Port scan:Port on scan server6.Lookup:Lists all DNS IP addresses.7. LAN scan:Very fast scan of all serial network devicesIt's a good helper for you to diagnose the Internet!
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License Free
Version 1.0.1
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Requires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.