Do you have a car, truck, motorcycle, scooter, bicycle, boat, ATV, snowmobile, trailer, generator, chainsaw, lawnmower or other gadgets with a motor or wheels - that requires maintenance, uses fuel, requires registration, inspections, a license or is taxed, or is more complicated than a light switch?Have you ever waited too long to have your tires rotated or oil changed?Have you missed getting your vehicle registered on time?Do you remember where you put your owner's manual?Have you forgotten where you put your spare key?Have you forgotten what oil or filter or other part is recommended or what tools you used with your last DIY project, or where you put something?Do you remember the steps you took last time you winterized your boat or trailer? Do you remember the combination or password to your storage unit?Do you remember the steps or how to start your chainsaw or lawnmower?Do you remember your tire size or how much air you put in your tires?Do you remember how much you paid last time you had work done, or where you put that car wash coupon?Do you ever need your VIN or your license plate number or your odometer reading?Do you know how many miles or kilometers or how many hours your vehicle had on it last time you replaced a certain part? And, do you ever get frustrated trying to remember where you bought that part and how much it cost? Or, would you like to remember who you had replace it and exactly when it was done?Would you like to have it all right there in the palm of your hand?The answer is YES!The answer is Drive YES!Drive YES! combines the power of Reminders, Photos/Albums, Notes and other iOS features - for all of your vehicles, toys, and other gadgets - into a single great app. Finally, you have an app that helps you to keep all your maintenance and service records, receipts, notes, documents (inspection / registration / insurance / license), photos, DIY projects in one place. Plus, the Reminders feature will help you to remember practically anything you will ever need to do and everything you have ever done.Reminders can be setup for things like license renewals, insurance payments, inspections or periodic maintenance such as tire rotation, oil changes and practically anything else. Drive YES! extends the familiar iOS Reminders with alarms triggered by date AND/OR odometer or hour meter combinations. For example, you can setup a reminder to "Change Oil" when you odometer reaches "64,000 miles."Each "vehicle" you manage has an Album. In each Album you can store photos and videos of just about anything documents, receipts, ID, pictures of the vehicle or equipment, tires, batteries, location of spare key, VIN, tags, titles, tools, manuals anything you can imagine.Each "vehicle" you manage allows you to store Notes. Notes are another way to organize information about your vehicles. Notes are organized by Category and may include a Caption, textual detail, a photo and a web site url. Any number of Notes may be added for any Category.You can record Maintenance and Service information, including DIY tasks that YOU perform or work done by others. These are organized by date and include Category, Shop or Location, cost, receipt and odometer or hour meter reading. If you are in a hurry, just take a picture of the receipt and enter the details later.You can record Fueling information each time you refuel your vehicle. Information includes Date, Location, Cost, units purchased, price per unit, fuel grade, fuel economy, receipt and odometer or hour meter reading. If you are in a hurry, just take a picture of the receipt and enter the details later.One of the app's noteworthy features is meter-based reminders. Meter information that you enter - with Maintenance and Service or Fuel records or from your watch or from the Today widget - allows the app to determine when to notify you for your meter-based reminders.
License Free
Version 2.3.1
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Requires iOS 13.0 and watchOS 4.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.