AGC Automotive EU Configurator

How does it work?Using our 360 tools, select your glass combination for the windshield, backlite, sidelites, and sunroof.Discover the impacts of the selected glazing on weight, CO2 emissions and fuel consumption.Enjoy!AGC Automotive Europe have developed this app to show the role played by glass in vehicle weight, CO2 emissions, and fuel consumption. This demonstrates how some glazing configurations can be beneficial for the environment by reducing CO2 emissions and fuel consumption.We have used a 360 view of our special vehicle to make the tool as lifelike as possible. It is our own concept SUV, of which the glazing dimensions can be found inside the app.The configurator is based on the following principle: we defined a reference configuration (the most common one) and for each family of product (windshield, sidelites, backlite, and sunroof) we calculate the difference of the new configuration vs the original.The results are presented for four metrics: total energy transmission, weight saving, total CO2 saving, and fuel saving over lifetime.The calculations are based on a formula used by the US government when applying for ECO credits by using Total Solar Transmittance (Tts) and the angle of the glass within the carbody (vertical glass absorbs less heat than a windshield or a horizontal roof).The US EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has found that there is a good correlation between Tts and angle when compared to the temperature within the car cabin.As a result, we have used these formulas to calculate AC load, CO2 savings and fuel consumption.We have decided to keep the original units as g/mile instead of translating all the numbers in g/km.To offer a maximum number of combinations with this tool, we have also included some glass technologies which are not yet available. These products are marked accordingly.This calculation tool gives a first impression on the environmental impact of our glazing technologies and provides a better insight on the impacts of dark grey glazing, Infrared cutting glazing, and Low-emissivity coatings.We hope you will find this tool useful to explore the best glazing configuration for your vehicle.Dont hesitate to contact us for any further information on the tool or our glazing
License Free
Version 1.0.2
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Requires iOS 11.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.