Allows you to instantly alert your community, security company or the police to come and help you.Sends your emergency contacts your location by SMS and we can see your exact location in real-time. You can also add and receive local crime and suspicious activity reports. This app only uses GPS and data when it is open and being used.- in an emergency, your emergency contacts receive an SMS notification with your location. We (or your security company if they partner with us) can also remotely track your location in real-time, even if you can't speak or are on the move.- your phone will call the emergency number you selected.- receive notifications of crimes or suspicious activities near to you.- easily report crimes and suspicious activities and automatically notify people in your community.- view crime locations and hotspots on a map.- allow us to track your location if you are going into a situation you are nervous about.- record audio with one touch (to, for example, record an official soliciting a bribe).- upload a "selfie" photo to help the police or your security company recognise you in an emergency situation.- generate data to combat crime.Frequently Asked Questions.Why does the app require all these permissions?Some app users are concerned about the number of permissions the app requires. In general, the app only uses additional permissions when the user initiates specific activities where these are required. Here are the specific examples of how it uses the permissions:Contacts - When you add emergency contacts, you can select them from your existing contacts.Location - When you activate the panic button or the Follow Me button, the app can tell your contacts and security company (if they partner with us) where you are. It is also used when you want to add home location or location of crime alerts.SMS - When you press the panic button it will send an SMS to your emergency contacts showing your location. It will also send SMSes to contacts when you cancel the alert.Phone - To make phone call to your emergency contact when you press the panic button.Photos/Media/Files - So you can add a photo of yourself (at registration) or a crime (when adding an alert). The app never does this in the background - you must initiate this.Microphone - To record audio when you press the Record Audio button only.Data - The main way the app uses data is when you press the panic button or follow me button (to send a small data alert to the backend database), at registration and adding crime alerts (to save details to the database), to use the map (e.g. to find your home location or crime locations) or to use the online shop.Device ID and call information - Device ID so we can synchronise your app details if, for example, you delete the app and re-install it.Please email info@appdeveloperstudio if you have further questions.
Operating System iOS
System RequirementsRequires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.